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We have a "Targeta de Transporte" license and are fully insured for hire and reward. Be warned, this isn't always the case..

There are numerous illegal Companies on the Costa Blanca openly advertising on the internet as legitimate taxi/transfer companies. There are also apartment owners & letting agencies and golf tour companies offering cheap transfers, these are also illegal.

Alicante and Murcia Airport is patrolled continuously by the police & government inspectors looking for illegal touts.

If a Transfer Company asks to meet you anywhere other than in the arrivals terminal or in the free designated parking area for coaches and taxis, they will be illegal and you will not be insured for passenger liability cover.

You should remember that if stopped by the Guardia Civil (Police) the vehicle would be confiscated immediately leaving you stranded. A vehicle that is licensed will be SP (Servicio Publico) plated by the Spanish Authorities.

If you suspect you may have booked with an illegal company or individual ask them to send you a copy by fax or email of their "Targeta de Transporte" license. Legal companies will be more than pleased if you explain the reason for this request.

Airport Transfer Payments

After receiving your on-line quote, you can proceed with the booking by completing the booking form, when the form is completed fully, click on the *Confirm Booking & Pay 10 Euro Deposit* button. You will be redirected to our PAYPAL pageanda 10 euro deposit is payable to confirm your booking (NO CARD CHARGES),

Card payments made via paypal are totally secure and no card details are saved or passed to AutoCares Y Taxis. A paypal account is not required to make payment online.

Why do we use Paypal for collecting payments ?

Paypal is a secure system and none of the card details entered by the client are saved or sent to Autocares Y Taxis, it isa payment system that most people in the worldknow and feel comfortableusing.We have in the past used other collection methods but found those unreliable, difficult for clients to use as well as card charges being expensive. Please be assured that all payments made via Paypal are secure and the clients rights of refunds in cases of dispute are regulated both under the dataand consumer protection laws.

What HappensWhen The Deposit Payment is Made By The Client ?

When the depositis paid, deposits are non-refundable, both the client andAutocares Y Taxiswill receive a *Notification of Payment* almost immediately, onreceipt of this notice we process your full confirmation which includes all meeting instructions, emergency contact numbers, booking conditions, confirmation of costsand this is sent to your email. If your bookinganddeposit payment are made during normaloffice hours you should receive your confirmation within a few hours, if outside normal office hours you will receive your confirmation within the following 24 hours.

Personal information

No personal information requested on our website or by our company are shared or retained. All personal details are destroyed after the transport is performed.


Wehave no weight restrictions on luggage (within reason)however each paying passenger are allocated carriage of 1 suitcase and 1 hand luggage. Wheelchairs (we do not carry electric wheelchairs), prams and child buggiesare carried free of charge.


This facility should only be usedAFTER you have made a Transfer Booking online, paid the 10 euro depositand received your confirmation. DO NOT USE THIS FACILITY UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED YOUR CONFIRMATION

Balance payments can be paid in full by Euro cash on arrival.

If you wish, you can pay the remaining balance for your transfer bycard using the link below.

This facility can also be used to pay deposits, balance or fullpayment for non-web transferswhen instructed byourselves after confirmation has been received.

Please note that balance payments by card will have a 4% card charge and will be automatically added to the figure you enter below.

Please enter the balance amount below.

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